Busted! Don’t Believe These Real Estate Myths!

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There is a lot of knowledge that is being floated around real estate and people who lack information tend to believe this information which has no credentials or validity. People get intimidated by such a high-risk investment. 

Real estate agents ensure that their clients have the right knowledge about different properties and they help them acquire those properties as per the market standards. With their assistance, the clients find it easy to complete the paperwork and deal with the proceedings in compliance with the law.

To help you steer clear of these misconceptions, REVEL Reality Inc., Brokerage has debunked some of the most widely believed myths about real estate.

Myth 1: There is a best time to purchase a new house
Not really! The best time to purchase a new house depends on the market. Of course, in the last couple of years buying a home has been challenging throughout the entire year. However, in a “regular” market I have found that January is the best time to make an offer on a home. That might be because buyers are reluctant to brave the cold to shop for a home, so prices are usually the lowest. 

Myth 2: Homes with pools are harder to sell
Buyers interested in buying a home with a pool may be less in numbers but not nil. I have found many buyers with young children avoid it due to safety reasons. Also, the idea of an unkept pool is not pleasing to others. However, families watch out for a backyard space or space for entertainment in their homes.

Myth 3: Choosing to sell your home yourself instead of using a Realtor will save you money
If you also believe in this myth, let us tell you that buyers prefer not to negotiate directly with sellers as they have reservations. This may be so because they might feel that the homeowner will partially represent the actual condition of the home. With a Realtor, you can present your space in a confident manner as it will be backed up by a knowledgeable professional who is governed by rules, regulations and legislation.

If you’re looking to steer clear of these myths, reach out to REVEL Reality Inc., Brokerage

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