Real Estate Trends To Look Forward To In 2022!

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2021 has been challenging in many ways. COVID is still affecting our day-to-day lives, and let’s not forget the exploding real estate market! We have seen many individuals sell their homes for way more money than they expected, and buyers have to pay way more than they anticipated to get the home they want. Due to this, many buyers are so frustrated with this current market that most of them have chosen to wait it out.

With the real estate prices skyrocketing, some buyers have reconsidered their strategies and have got into bidding wars to get the home they want, and many have made offers on homes but are still looking! This is a challenging and stressful time for everyone. As a realtor, it is stressful for me as well. It breaks my heart when my buyer doesn’t get the home they desire, and their dreams of homeownership are delayed.

As for the seller, well, they may be getting more money for their home than they anticipated, but they are in the same boat when it comes to finding their new home.

Nevertheless, I have to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who hired me this year. I truly enjoyed every minute of helping and successfully moving my clients from and into their new homes. I know 2022 will be another very busy year, and I am looking forward to a more even market.

1. Real estate markets will even out
I do feel that in the coming year, the market will become even for buyers and sellers. So as the market “evens” out, buyers may not have to pay so much more to get their home, and sellers will still come out ahead, which is good for everyone.

2. Interest rates will reduce
I feel interest rates will also remain lower. This will help everyone make the move of their dreams. Lower interest rates will definitely help people find and stay in the perfect home.

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